The key partners of the country including the US, China, India and UN have hailed the November 19 Constituent Assembly (CA) elections claiming that it will bring in track the derailed politics and draft the Constitution that will guarantee democracy, freedom, inclusive development and prosperity of Nepal.
“These elections mark a vital step in the peace process that began in 2006,” the US said, congratulating Nepali people that elections like these are a milestone not just for Nepal but for people around the world working to rebuild after conflicts and resolve disputes via constitutional and homegrown means. “The Nepali people endured years of civil war, in which innocent civilians were the victims of violent extremism and terrorism.”
Since the end of the conflict, Nepal has made vital progress toward supporting civil society, promoting the participation of women and youth, and becoming a pluralistic democracy that can support the dreams and aspirations of all the Nepali people, it added. “As Nepal’s newly elected leaders turn to the important task of concluding a constitution, the US will continue to support Nepal’s progress along a peaceful, prosperous, inclusive, and democratic path.
Likewise, secretary-general Ban Ki-moon also congratulated today the people of Nepal for the peaceful and successful elections for members of the CA, which is tasked with drafting the country’s new constitution.
“The new CA will have the historic responsibility to complete a new constitution, building upon the impressive gains in the peace process so far, and thereby promoting national dialogue and genuine reconciliation,” a statement issued by Moon’s spokesperson read, adding that the UN remains committed to supporting Nepal in its transition towards a peaceful, democratic and prosperous future. “The UN has closely supported Nepal’s peace process, having had a political mission in the country from 2007 until 2011, following the signing of the peace accords that ended the decade-long armed conflict between the government and the Maoist opposition.”
The country has been plagued by political disputes ever since the war ended and the monarchy was abolished. The first CA, elected in 2008, was unable to complete the drafting of a new constitution before it was dissolved in May 28, 2012.
Meanwhile, India – the southern neighbor – and China – the northern neighbour –have also congratulated Nepal for holding the peaceful CA elections that will pave a prosperous future for the people.
“The stakeholders in Nepal would succeed in completing the constitution drafting process early,” a press note from the Chinese Embassy said, welcoming the smooth CA election and hoping that the political forces will continue to strengthen dialogue and consultations for early completion of the constitution-making process and realise its goal of national stability and development. “The Chinese side is ever ready to work with Nepal to push forward with the consistent development of China-Nepal Comprehensive Partnership of Cooperation featuring ‘ever-lasting friendship’ for the benefit of the people of China and Nepal.”

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