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Cottage industries suffer loss of Rs 590 m loss due to earthquake

The cottage and small industries have suffered a loss of Rs 590 million due to devastating earthquake of April 25, and subsequent aftershocks. The cottage and small enterprises suffered a loss of Rs 590 million due to earthquake, according to

KFC, Pizza Hut closure against Labour Act: Employees

Employees of KFC and Pizza Hut asked Devyani International – the local franchisee of the two international food chains – to resume operations of the food chain as soon as possible. Organising a press meet here in Kathmandu today, members

Government bans import and sale of Maggi noodles

The government imposed a ban on import and sale of Indian noodle brand Maggi in the market from today for an undefined period. Maggi is going to face strong food quality checks, according to spokesperson of Department of Food Technology

Revenue collection falls due to earthquake

As expected, the government missed its revenue mobilisation target by Rs 16.38 billion in the 10th month of the current fiscal year due to earthquake. The government had planned to mobilise Rs 329.31 billion by mid-May but it has been

Dangote cement seeks help to acquire land, electricity

Dangote Cement has sought government help to acquire land in Nepal. In a meeting with finance minister Shankar Prasad Koirala, here at his office today, the Nigerian company’s chief executive K R Rao said that the company is looking for

December to see no changes in price hike

Food prices are likely to remain stable or increase in December with the start of the off-season for most cereal crops, according to a report. Prices of imported commodities are expected to remain high or increase due to the appreciation