The private sector asked the government to emphasise on promoting Nepali export through Nepali missions abroad.
A delegation of Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) today met with foreign minister NP Saud, and asked him to emphasise the significance of economic diplomacy to foster tourism, enhance the export, and attract foreign investments.
CNI president Rajesh Kumar Agrawal,  on the occasion, underscored the role of creating an investment-friendly environment in the country to attract foreign direct investments (FDI). “Policy stability and cultivating stronger business relationships with foreign investors are critical for attracting FDI into the country,” he said, suggesting the government to activate Nepali embassies around the world in facilitating regular visits and engagements with foreign business representatives. “Such engagements are anticipated to foster better understanding and cooperation between Nepal and its trading partners.”
The CNI delegation also demanded the government to ensure the continuity of cargo railway service currently operational from India to Biratnagar. It also urged the government to pursue a ‘motor vehicle agreement (MVA)’ with India to further enhance cross-border trade and transportation.
Responding to the visiting private sector delegates, foreign minister Saud assured to prioritise the issues raised by the CNI. “The government will give due consideration to the recommendations, while charting out economic diplomacy and trade strategies moving forward,” the minister added.

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