The private sector has asked the bandh callers to call off strike they have announced before the Constituent Assembly (CA) election scheduled for November 19 as the country will not only lose Rs 20 billion from the 10-day strike but it will also curtail the rights to economic freedom of the citizens.
Asking the CPN-Maoist Mohan Baidhya led 33-party alliance to call off the 10-day strike they have announced from November 11 to November 20, Federation of Nepalese Chambers of commerce and Industry (FNCCI) and Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) today urged the parties to respect the rights to economic freedom of the citizen.
“A day of strike will cost the country Rs 2 billion, the FNCCI said, adding that a daily wage earner cannot get a chance to earn his living, a student will be deprived of education and a sick person won’t get to go to hospital, which is a sheer violation of their human rights.
Periodic election is the beauty of democracy and the chance to a citizen to choose which party one wants to be led by, the business fraternity said, welcoming the election. “However the misunderstanding between some of the political parties on CA election is leading to the country yet another uncertainty as they have failed to understand the aspirations of the people.”
Due to various reasons, Nepali economy has become less competitive on recent years, though the private sector is trying its hard to attract foreign investment in the country, FNCCI added. “Delay in strengthening the economy will further worsen the situation fuelling the capital flight and mass exodus of the migrant workers.”
The FNCCI has also requested the political parties to solve the misunderstanding through the talks and let the citizen enjoy their economic rights.
The strikes, insecurity, regular power outage, forceful donation and prolonged political transition have not only hurt the industrial environment but also made the economy less competitive, the CNI said, asking the political parties to solve the problem through talks.
Meanwhile,  the UN RC– on behalf of International Community in Nepal – has also asked the political parties yesterday not to disrupt the CA election.
Applauding the efforts of all stakeholders, including the interim government, Election Commission, political parties and their candidates, and media, to make the election process a success, the UN said that the international community supported the men and women of Nepal in their right to express their views in peace, either as candidates or voters. “Everyone should respect the democratic right to take part in a peaceful, open and inclusive election.”
Bandhs or strikes, when enforced by violence or the threat of violence, are a violation of the political rights of citizens and against the laws of Nepal, they reminded the 33-party alliance that has been planning to disrupt the CA election.
The 10-year conflict has already cost the country around 10 per cent of the GDP that has witnessed an average of around 3.5 per cent growth in last one decade.

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