Newly appointed managing director of Nepal Telecom (NT) Budhi Prasad Acharya assumed the office today despite protest from staff.
The engineers in the telecom service provider have been protesting since Friday demanding to replace Acharya with a new managing director, who has an engineering background.
According to them, the managing director should be picked from the engineering background only. All previous managing directors of the company were from the engineering field.
The agitators claimed that the appointment of a non-technical chief was a ‘planned attack on the company’. They also claimed the appointment against the provision in the Company Act and the company’s regulation. However, the Act has given right to the board of the company to appoint the managing director. Likewise, Ministry of Information and Communications also claimed that since the government holds a majority share of 92 per cent in the telecom company, the government has the right to appoint the chief as in the past.
However, there is no law that makes it mandatory to appoint managing director from engineering field.
Acharya, who is from chartered accountancy sector, was appointed managing director of Nepal Telecom by a cabinet decision on Thursday. Acharya is a chartered accountancy graduate from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
However, Acharya – after assuming office – said that during his two-year tenure, he will work on service quality improvement and expansion of services.
Earlier, Acharya was officiating deputy managing director in the telecom since July.

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