Nepal Telecom plans to introduce a new social network site from March. The telecom service provider has been testing the site internationlly at present.
Managing director of the company Anoop Ranjan Bhattarai, today said that the social site will have the same facilities as Facebook, plus Skype, group message and Viber facilities. “Nepal Telecom has not yet named the site.”
The new social network aims to initially benefit one million users, moving to 10 million people at a later date. Nepse-listed Nepal Telecom has invested Rs 900 million so far to construct the social network site.
Likewise, he urged the the regulatory bodies to simplify public procurement process to help company upgrade technologically, and remain competent in the market.
Though Nepal Telecom is competitive, it has been difficult to upgrade it technologically due to procurement act, he added, on the occasion of 10th anniversary.
The company that had earned Rs 11.2 billion net profit in the last fiscal year, is providing telecommunication service to almost one million customers through its GSM, CDMA, landlines, Wimax and ADSL internet services.
The company had also contributed Rs 7.6 billion to the government coffer as tax in the last fiscal year.
The company’s priority is to increase the country’s digital inclusion by expanding our digital presence all over the nation,” he added.
However, chief secretary Leela Mani Poudyal on the occasion, said that there is no legal barriers to the Nepal telecom to expand its market. Emphasising on the need to focus on improving its service quality, he said that company can only survive in the long run if it can provide the customers with better and quality services.

Special offers flood
KATHMANDU: Nepal Telecom’s postpaid GSM and CDMA customers will get free 50MB data per month for the next three months. The company has announced discounts for its customers on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.

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