Lumbini Development Trust has asked the government to develop a separate Buddhist circuit linking different shrines related to Lord Buddha’s life.

“Buddhist circuit being developed by Indian side has only proposed to link Lumbini — the birth place of Lord Buddha — with its network in India,” vice chair of the trust Acharya Karma Lama said, adding that it would not be beneficial for Nepal. “Nepal should develop its own Buddhist circuit to link all Buddhist shrine places and promote Buddhist religious tourism.”

The Nepali Buddhist circuit should link Lumbini, Tilaurakot, Devdaha and Ramgram to attract foreign tourists. He also suggested to prepare an integrated pilgrimage package.

India has recently expedited construction works on the Buddhist circuit linking Bodhgaya, Sarnath and Kushinagar covering some 700 kilometres.

Indian side has also proposed to link Lumbini to the Indian Buddhist circuit.

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