Not much surprising, the government does not have proper records of its own property across the country.
“The government offices have been operating from the rented houses, despite its property across the country,” complained the higher government officers during the second Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability office (PEFA) evaluation meeting here today.
In most of the districts, the government property has been misused, they reported the finance minister Shankar Prasad Koirala.
The government must look into the matter seriously and utilise its property, they asked.
In response to their request the minister asked them to immediately start record keeping of the government property across the country.
“The Finance Ministry will help them wholeheartedly,” he said, adding that the related agencies and officers must be made responsible and accountable for the preservation of government property.
The government has the property across the country but due to lack of proper records, individuals have been misusing the government property. There is no proper records of the government buildings either.
Chief secretary of the government blamed the chief regional administrator for the lack of preservation of the government property. “Its easy to blame others, but it’s the weakness of the administrators,” he added.
On the occasion, the record of some 1,686 government offices across the country have also been presented. “Some 1,686 government offices occupy 90,630 ropani of land and owns 1,404 houses,” reported PEFA.
According to the Nepali legal system, the offspring has legal right of the property of their parents. But the government property across the country has no proper record and in most of the places people have already captured it.

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