The government has directed to supply enough liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) – popularly known as cooking gas – during the festivals.

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) and gas dealers have reached an agreement to supply the cooking gas smoothly, the government said.

Earlier, the dealers have been creating artificial shortage to pressurise the government to increase gas quota claiming that the current supply will not be enough for the festivals. They have demanded to increase monthly quota to 31,500 tonnes from current 22,377 tonnes.

However, the state oil monopoly claimed no need to increase quota as the dealers have been utilising only 19,300 tonnes currently.

The dealers and NOC today held talks in the presence of Ministry of Commerce and Supplies representative Deepak Subedi. who is also spokesperson for the ministry. They held talks after the Office of Prime Minister directed them to sit for talks.

NOC and gas dealers reached an agreement to increase quota according to the market demand, Subedi said, adding that the dealers have ensured smooth supply of cooking gas during the festivals. “We will conduct a study, if the quota hike is necessary permanently.”

The dealers had been demanding a permanent hike in the quota.

However president of Nepal Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry Association Shiva Prasad Ghimire said that today’s talks was positive but they are sure of quota hike permanently.

Earlier, the dealers had threatened to stop to collect purchase delivery order in the absence of a clear agreement by today.

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