Energy secretary Rajendra Kishore Kshatri asked the government that he should be allowed to take decision, he has to sit for bilateral talks with India on power trade.

Seeking the guidelines for decision making power with the lawmakers at Agriculture and Water Resources Committee meeting today, he said that he cannot seal the deal with the current strict rules.

“Interested power developers from anywhere in the world should be given level playing field for hydropower generation,” he added.

The country is divided after India proposed development of hydropower projects in Nepal either with 100 per cent Indian investments or joint venture with Indian entities.

The three major political parties had formed a committee to forge national consensus before holding bilateral talk with India on Power Trade Agreement (PTA).

The Parliamentary committee had earlier too suggested the government not to bar third parties from making investment in hydropower sector and let the market determine power tariff.

The government had earlier, deffered his India visit before Indian external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj Nepal’s visit that was supposed to finalise the draft for PTA.

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