As an employer conned, some 26 Nepali migrant workers have been stranded in Doha, the capital city of Qatar, since five months.

The manager, who was running four companies fled without paying that has left some 26 Nepali migrant workers stranded since last five months. The Nepali workers were living in a quarter provided by the company.
They have been living on food provided by a non-profit organisation New Families Association. They could be detained as their visa has also expired due to company’s negligence, which has made them illegal migrant workers in Doha.

They tried to approach the local labour department, which has denied registering their complaint since a case has already been reported against their employer by the other victims.

The company had promised them a monthly salary of 911 Riyals when they arrived Qatar some six months ago. Of the 26, some Nepali migrant workers had joined them a couple of months ago.

They have spent five months without any work and are willing to return but the fear detention at the airport as they owe more than 40,000 Riyals to a local store from where they had been buying food and other essentials.

However, Labour Attaché to Qatar Indra Dev Pandey informed that they are trying to contact the company’s officials to provide them their due salary, apathy from easy access to return. Qatar is the second largest Nepali migrant workers destination after Malaysia.

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