The Embassy of Denmark today signed an agreement with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Nepal to provide grant assistance worth DKK 500,000 (equivalent to Rs 9 million) to support the Aid Management Platform under Finance Ministry.

According to a press statement issued by the embassy, the overall goal of the project is to enhance the capacity of government officials to manage and monitor the aid flow to the country.
The support will also contribute to strengthening the capacity of Finance Ministry and other line ministries for effective aid management, which will ensure better aid transparency and effectiveness, added the statement.

“Our support will ensure that the important work on aid management information systems of the Finance Ministry will continue,” ”Chargé d´Affaires at the Embassy of Denmark Jan Møller Hansen said, adding that it will contribute to enhancing coordination and documentation of development assistance to Nepal.

The Embassy of Denmark has been supporting the initiative since 2011 and the additional support will continue strengthening the capacity of the government to manage and coordinate aid. The assistance will also be provided to further developing data and information systems as well as training of government partners at central and local levels, according to the statement.
“The support from Denmark will further strengthen the government´s capacity to manage foreign aid, while ensuring more transparency and accountability,” UNDP country director Shoko Noda said.

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