Chaudhary Group (CG) has come up with the concept of Leadership and Management Development (LMD) programme, a first of its kind training programme for its employees.
The concept of LMD programme was conceived by the president of CG Binod Kumar with the vision to transform the lives of CG executives by promoting critical thinking and developing their skill and ability to match and be above the requirements of the competitive world.
The company first identified around 50 people, whose performance had been good in the past year from its vast pool of staff.
Ram Bhakta Shrestha and Avash Niroula were then roped in as training experts for evaluation and the final selection of participants who selected 30 employees to be a part of the first batch.
Shrestha, also a management trainer, has over two decade long experience in the field. He was chief of organisation development at Nepal Administrative Staff College from 1990 to 2012. Likewise, Niroula is a management trainer and consultant at Center for International Training and Development (CITD).
The mission of the programme, which will be conducted over 24 weeks, is to promote a learning environment, and motivate future leaders.
The programme will focus on different aspects of learning and incorporate class and projects based learning, and on the job training. The training will also require participants to be involved in CSR activities. A strict evaluation will be carried out throughout the duration of the programme to ensure full involvement and consequent growth of the participants, according to the CG that thinks leaders have an extremely important role to play in any organisation.
CG has also decided to incorporate Art of Living classes in the training session keeping in mind the need for leaders to be able to remain calm and focused in highly competitive settings. CG management believes that its employees are its assets and the programme is an attempt to hone those very assets.

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