Constitution Draft Committee (CDC) endorsed the preliminary draft of the constitution prepared by the taskforce with minor reservation. The committee is going to table the draft in the Constituent Assembly (CA) meeting tomorrow.
The committee chairman Krishna Prasad Situal will table in the CA for discussion, according to the CDC meeting today evening. The draft will also be sent to the public for their opinion before finalising.
Earlier last month , the four major political parties have agreed to submit the first draft of the constitution to the CA after finalising it by today. The parties agreed to submit a report including the common positions on the disputed issues to be settled in draft constitution.
A meeting of the senior leaders of the four major political parties held at the Prime Minister’s official residence in Baluwatar today – to forge common understanding on the still contensious issues of citizenship, reappointment of judges and secularism as the drafting committee also could not sort them out – agreed on issuing the citizenship in the name of mother or father, continuing the secularism with religious freedom, and ensuring 33 per cent women’s compulsorily representation in every bodies of the state.
However, law minister Narahari Acharya said – after the meeting that – the senior leaders will resolve disputed issues according to the spirit of the 16-point agreement recently signed among the four major political parties.
The country is expected to move towards economic revolution after the constitution is promulgated in consensus.

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