United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon today urged the member countries and others to help raise an additional $365 million urgently needed to support Nepal devastated by a devastating earthquake on April 25, and its powerful aftershocks.
Addressed the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Nepal yesterday, he asked the member countries to join hands in time of need for Nepal.
The UN had made a flash appeal on April 28 calling for $423 million to support the earthquake victims in Nepal. But it could collect only $60 million, some 14 per cent of the total amount sought.
“I want to thank all member states, who have contributed so far,” he said, adding, “However, without more robust support, more lives will be lost. “Needless to say, the 14 per cent funding is far from sufficient. Let us resolve to do more and better.”
Mentioning that the earthquake in Nepal was the first major natural disaster to strike since the international agreement on disaster risk reduction was reached in Sendai in March, the UN leader said, “A key component of that agreement was a commitment to undertake a resilient recovery approach in the event of a disaster.”
We must now support Nepal in translating this new global framework into action, he added.

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