The World Bank is planning a four-year Country Assistance Strategy for Nepal for the first time since 2007.

The multilateral donor is planning to launch its Country Assistance Strategy – that is aiming at focusing in infrastructure – in July. The bank prepared last full-fledged Country Assistance Strategy for Nepal in 2004-07.

The World Bank had adopted an Interim Strategy Note after 2007 movement Alining with the government’s three year interim plan, the bank’s first Interim Strategy Note was planned only for a year and half as it had expected greater clarity on the political front soon. But the prolonged political transition made the bank bring two more interim strategy.

World Bank board members, who visited Nepal in the first week of March,  had indicated that infrastructure would be a focus for its future assistance to Nepal.

Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat has also been asking the multilateral donors to assist in infrastructure sector.

Mahat, during his meeting with visiting World Bank vice president Phillippe Le Houerou today, also sought additional assistance to the sector. In On the occasion, Houerou said the new country strategy will reflect the Nepal government’s priority.

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