The interim election council formed with a sole purpose of holding the second Constituent Assembly (CA) election is handing over a comparatively robust economy to the elected government, according to the finance minister.
Speaking with the economic journalists, here today, finance minister Shankar Prasad Koirala, said that the government was, though formed with a sole purpose of holding a free, fair and peaceful election, is handing a comparatively robust economy to the elected government in around a couple of weeks. “We have tried our best to stabilise the economy, if not better it,” he said, adding that the current macroeconomic indicators are satisfactory.
The revenue growth rate stands at 27 per cent, which is encouraging, he said, adding that  deposits in the banks have also seen increment, though lending has been slowed down. “Even the Nepse index has rebounded to the four year high.”
The political parties have included economic agenda in their election manifesto, which is not very different unlike earlier, he added. “Those who used to treat hydropower as political issues have come to the same understanding that it is a must to develop economy, which is also encouraging.”
Likewise, the budget for the current fiscal year 2013-14 – announced by the incumbent government – has also based on common minimum economic agenda, making it easier for the elected government to own, Koirala claimed, adding that with a strong willpower, it is not impossible to bring change as the country does have enough resources.
“Blaming others is no solution to the development,” said the the former secretary-turned finance minister, sharing his both experience. “However, our bureaucracy is more process-oriented, which has been delaying the development works.”
The country is taking part in the second CA election tomorrow, though the 33-party led by the hardliner CPN-Maoist party has been opposing the poll scheduled for November 19 blaming the incumbent government an unconstitutional one.
After the first CA failed to draft a Constitution, the then UCPN-Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattrai-led government handed over the government to the former bureaucrats led by the chief justice Khila Raj Regmi, whom the CPN-Maoist have been asking to resign from the post of chief justice as the same person heading the judiciary and executive is against the Constitution.
However, Dr Bhattarai felt comfortable to hand over the government to the former bureaucrats – amending the interim Constitution – instead of the political parties due to political tug-of-war.
Despite various odds the incumbent government has fulfilled its duty, Koirala said, adding that he is ready to bid adieu satisfactorily after the elected government comes into shape in a couple of weeks.

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