The non-governmental organisations that are not tired of teaching transparency and accountability to the government do not report their expenditure to the government.

They operate from the foreign aid that has been channeled to them from the tax payers money of the donor country but the INGOs seem to be accountable neither to the government nor the donor country.

According to Finance Ministry, only 14 out of 173 international non-governmental organisations working in Nepal have reported about their project and expenditure details to the government so far. “Some 14 non-governmental organisations have spent $40 million in the last fiscal year 2012-13.”
Though the non-governmental organisations have to report to the Social Welfare Council under the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, they have been less interested to report their expenditure.

They claim to be working for marginalised, dalits, minorities and indigenous people but their spending is not transparent raising various question on their motive and target group.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Shangri-La Home, Action Contre La Faim, CARE Nepal, Dan Church Aid, Handicap International Nepal, ICCO Cooperation, and International Center for Transitional Justice, International Nepal Fellowship, Margaret A Cargill Foundation, Micronutrient Initiative, Population Service International Nepal, The ISIS Foundation, and World Vision International have reported to the government last fiscal year, according to the ministry.

The ministry has asked all the non-governmental organisations to report to the Aid Management Platform to make aid transparent and improve aid effectiveness, according to various international aid transparency initiatives.

The development partners, including multilateral and bilateral, have started reporting to the government under the Aid Management Platform since last three fiscal years. But the non-governmental organisations are yet to come to the government record.

According to the Social Welfare Act, international organisations can work in Nepal for a period of five years at one time and can spend a minimum of $100,000 per year.

However, the non-governmental organisations neither report to the Social Welfare Council nor to the Aid Management Platform under Finance Ministry.

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