US ambassador to Nepal Peter W Bodde yesterday announced a grant of $209,000 to Teach for Nepal (TfN).

Teach for Nepal trains and supports university graduates and young professionals to be teachers in government schools. With the support of the US Embassy in Kathmandu and other partners, Teach for Nepal has placed 50 teachers in Lalitpur and Sindhulpalchowk districts. They plan to expand into Dhanusha district in 2015.

The grant will help Teach for Nepal operations to expand beyond Lalitpur and Sindhulpalchowk districts, where Teach for Nepal currently reaches 3,500 children across 100 different classrooms. “As part of a larger movement to expand educational opportunity worldwide, Teach for Nepal is a national and international success story,” said Bodde.

Teach For Nepal is modeled after Teach For America, formed nearly 25 years ago to place the United States’ brightest young people as teachers in primary and secondary schools in low-income communities.

The US Embassy provided $75,000 to Teach for Nepal (TfN) in 2013.

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