UN Assistant Secretary General and UNDP Regional Director for the Asia-Pacific Haoliang Xu has congratulated Nepal on holding a successful conference on rebuilding Nepal in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25.
The rebuilding conference held yesterday saw generous pledges from Nepal’s friends and neighbours, with commitments totaling $4.4 billion against the Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) estimate of $6.7 billion worth of damages from the earthquake.
“The quality of the PDNA Report that detailed losses and damages in a credible way contributed to the success of the conference,” said Xu, who wrapped up his four-day visit to Nepal today. “UNDP is very happy to have played an important role – alongside other development partners – in supporting the National Planning Commission in conducting the PDNA exercise.”
Development partners, who gathered to pledge their support yesterday, had praised Nepal for a very qualitative assessment report.
“The credibility of the PDNA process is also a good signal towards ensuring an effective long-term recovery and reconstruction process and a process that benefits the citizens in need,” he said, adding that the UNDP stand ready to support the Nepal as it establishes a new agency to oversee the post-earthquake reconstruction.
During his visit, Xu met with government officials, affected communities and international development partners to understand the needs and reconfirm UNDP’s strong partnership with Nepal.
Xu today met with finance minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat and deputy prime minister and minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development Prakash Man Singh, where he reiterated UNDP’s continuing support to the people and government of Nepal.

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