The foreign trade association has asked the Department of Money Laundering Investigation not to discourage the investor while taking action against the money laundering.
During a meeting with the director general of the department Chudamani Sharma, at his office, today, the team of Nepal Foreign Trade Association led by its president Ashok Kumar Agrawal, asked the government to investigate the property of those, who are involved in drugs and human trafficking, arms trading, terrorism, and kidnapping only.
“Those, who have been in agriculture, industry and trading since long have not kept their records as it was not necessary,” they said, adding that the department should consider the back ground and history while bringing them under the Money Laundering jurisdiction for action. “The investors should not be discouraged.”
Sharma, on the occasion, told them that the department will always take stock of the situation and check back ground. “However, there are also legal hurdles,” he said, asking the traders to inform the department of illegal trading.
The department will take action against the people involved in five – human and drugs trafficking, arms trading, terrorism, and kidnapping – restricted sectors that are under the money laundering, he added.
However, the department investigates the suspicious property as according to the international commitment of the country.

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