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Central bank directs banks to hike paid-up capital

Central bank today directed the banks and financial institutions to hike paid up capital within next two years – to strengthen their balancesheet size – encouraging their further consolidation. The commercial banks need to increase their paid-up capital by four

Regulator will step in if market fails to function properly: NRB

The central bank has said that uncompetitive market practice has forced Nepal Rastra Bank to step in the market and fix spread rate. The central bank has asked the commercial banks to bring down their spread rate to below five

Monetary policy revises inflation target, to manage excess liquidity through long term monetary tools

Mid-term review of Monetary Policy for the current fiscal year 2013-14 today revised the inflation target upwards to 8.5 per cent from earlier eight per cent. The excess liquidity in the banks and financial institutions in recent months and Constituent

Facebook fourth quarter revenues up by 63 per cent on growth in mobile

Facebook reported fourth-quarter sales up by 63 per cent from a year earlier to $1.59 billion. Ad revenue rose by 76 per cent to $2.34 billion, of which 53 per cent came from mobile services, more than double the share

Stress testing mandatory for B, C class financial institutions

The central bank has asked the class B and C financial institutions also to conduct stress testing from this quarter end. Earlier, a year ago, the central bank made it mandatory for the class  A commercial banks to start stress

Central bank to issue another round of reverse repo, to mop up extra surplus liquidity to control double digit inflation

The central bank is planning to issue another round of reverse repo next week to mop up excess liquidity and contain price hike according to Monetary Policy that had targeted to keep inflation under 7.5 per cent. The planned reverse

Central bank receives bid worth Rs 31.30 billion for Rs 19.50 billion reverse repo

The Rs 19.5 billion reverse repo – a financial instrument to mop up excess liquidity for short term from the market – today received bids worth Rs 31.30 billion from 20 banks and financial institutions. Though the central bank has