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Central bank directs banks to hike paid-up capital

Central bank today directed the banks and financial institutions to hike paid up capital within next two years – to strengthen their balancesheet size – encouraging their further consolidation. The commercial banks need to increase their paid-up capital by four

Villagers will not be able to get subsidised loan

Under the current terms of the central bank, the needy villagers will find it difficult to get the subsidised loan at two per cent. Even the valleyites, without collateral will find it difficult to get the loan to reconstruct their

Supreme Court orders Basnet back into custody

Supreme Court today ruled that promoter of Oriental Cooperative Sudhir Basnet should be kept in custody. A division bench of justices Girish Chandra Lal and Devendra Gopal Shrestha handed down the verdict today overturning the Patan Appellate Court’s earlier decision

High-level body to recover deposit from troubled coops

Ministry of Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation is mulling a fully empowered high-level rehabilitation committee to recover public deposits from the troubled cooperatives. The government is planning a new Cooperative Act to address the current anti-cooperatives practice, but the ministry has

Commercial banks rule the stock market

Of the top five companies that saw the highest trading at the stock market, four are commercial banks and the one is insurance company. The five-day trading this week, Citizens Bank International’s promoter share topped the chart of largest turnover

Development bonds oversubscribed by over eight times

The banks and financial institutions, flush with liquidity, applied aggressively for the Rs 3 billion worth development bond issued by the central bank on Thursday. The  central bank has received Rs 26.44 billion worth applications – over eight times –

Central bank restricts distribution of surplus fund after merger

The central bank today restricted distribution of the excess fund due to share swap after the merger of two financial institutions. “The surplus fund has to be added in the capital reserve and cannot be distributed among the financial institutions,”