Riding high on confidence, the investors gained this week too, despite fear of central bank clipping banks and financial institutions’ margin type lending to stabilise the market.
The stock market this week witnessed over half a million worth stocks trading an average for a day as the Nepal Stock Exchange posted Rs 2.10 billion worth stock trading in four days of the week, against Rs 1.98 billion worth stock trading a week ago. Some 5.07 million units of stocks changed hands in a week compared to some 6.41 million unit stocks a week ago. Despite less units if stocks being traded the week posted more amount compared to a week ago as the price of the stocks looked up.
Though the market operates for five days – from Sunday to Thursday – this week saw only four days of trading due to public holiday on Christmas on Wednesday.
However, stocks of some 10 listed companies were traded this week against some 148 a week ago.
The market closed at 805.35 points from the Sunday mornings opening of 795.19 points – due to almost all the sub-groups better performance – as the Nepse gained 10.16 points in the four-day trading.
Nepal Bangladesh Bank with Rs 218.61 million worth stocks trading became the largest traded company followed by NIC Asia Bank with Rs 160.56 million. Likewise, Kist Bank saw its 546,716 units of stocks being traded in a week.

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