South Korean human resource department is recruiting some 5,700 Nepali migrant workers in 2014, making Nepal the fourth largest migrant workers source destination.
According to the department, it has allotted 5,700 jobs to the Nepalis under Employment Permit System (EPS). The workers will be selected from a roster of some 9,700 Nepali aspirant migrant workers, who have succeeded in the Korean Language Test (KLT), especially for those who work in manufacturing sector.
Earlier in 2013, South Korea had hired 5,234 Nepali migrants workers.
South Korea has allocated Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, the highest quota, making Nepal the fourth largest source of migrant workers in terms of number, though it hires migrant workers from 15 countries under the EPS.
The total migrant workers South Korea hired last year stood at 64,000 but this year the quota has decreased to 53,000 this year.
Despite the fall in demand, South Korea has prioritised Nepali migrant workers due to their good track record, said human resource director at Korea EPS centre in Kathmandu Lee Dong Sirk.
Meanwhile, the next Korean language test has been scheduled for March 12. The result will be published on March 31.

Some 57 Nepali migrant workers died in last six years
KATHMANDU: Some 57 Nepali migrant workers died in South Korea between 2007 and 2013, with a majority of them categorised as suicide and the ‘sudden unexpected death syndrome’. Some 19 people died in the first eleven months of 2013, compared to only eight deaths in 2012.

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