Malaysian police today arrested some seven more suspects – six Nepalis and one Vietnamese migrant worker – involved in the arson and rioting at a factory of JCY International in Johor state of Malaysia on Wednesday.

Some 40 Nepali and two Bangladeshi migrant workers were arrested on Wednesday after a mob led by Nepalis arson a police vehicle and destroyed the factory, where one of the Nepali migrant worker – Harka Bahadur Niraula of Jhapa – died due to chest pain, last week. The Nepalis protested blaming the factory for negligence in his death.

However, Nepali migrant workers arrested on charge of rioting and arson on Wednesday will not be freed before another two weeks.

“The detained agitators may remain in custody for two more weeks as the Malaysian police is still investigating the case,” said deputy chief of Mission at the Nepali Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Hem Lal Bhattarai informed.

The police is also searching for more suspects involved in the arson, he said, adding that the embassy is in regular contact with the detained workers.

Some hooligans provoked the mob to set fire at the vehicle and the factory, Bhattarai said, claiming that most of the detained Nepali migrant workers are innocent. “The Nepali mission is doing its best to ensure early release of Nepalis.”

JCY International – where some 3,500 Nepalis working – was shut down for a few days due to the strike and arson.

The Nepali migrant workers protested demanding better salary and good behaviour from the employer.

Meanwhile, the company has also agreed to provide 10,000 Ringgits (Rs 3.1 million) to Niraula’s family as compensation, and assured speedy proceedings of insurance claims.

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