• The 122 parties had submitted names of 11,011 Proportional Representation (PR) candidacies for 335 seats in the CA Election scheduled for November 19. The Election Commission disqualified 302 candidates, and now a total of 10, 709 (5,448 men and 5,219 women) candidates are contesting under the PR system.
  • The PR seats are allocated on the basis of cumulative votes received by the parties in the election held for PR system.
  • There are 6,128 First Past The Post (FPTP) candidates of 122 parties for 240 seats.
  • Election for a total 575 seats (335 PR and 240 FPTP), apart from 26 members nominated by the cabinet to make a total of 601 CA members.
  • Total Population of the country 26.5 million but only 12.14 million (5.98 male and 6.16 female) are registered voters.
  • Total 18,456 polling stations across the country.

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