Sanima Mai Hydropower debuted its stock trading at Rs 324 for an unit today.
The fifth hydropower company had listed its 10,530,000 units of stocks at the secondary market a week ago. However, the market saw only 10 units of Sanima Mai Hydro’s stocks trading today. The hydel project promoted by the NRNs has a book value of Rs 108 and according to the rule, the debut price could be three times the book value.
The five hydropower companies have listed a total of 55,075,622 units of stocks at Rs 100 per unit at the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse).
The hydropower sub group has gained 56.17 points, though the overall Nepse index could not gain and lost 1.56 points to close the market at 783.91 points today.
The Nepse has lost but it has witnessed trading of some 125 companies with a turnover of Rs 350.45 million as 807,040 units of stocks.

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