Finance Minister Shankar Prasad Koirala has asked the revenue administration to stand firm and continue its duty as the change in government should not have any impact on its performance.
The governments may come and go but the bureaucracy – as the stable government – has to continue its performances,” he said, during revenue evaluation of fifth month, here, today.
Asking the revenue administration to self evaluate, Koirala said that the revenue administration should be efficient and morally strong but it has been slowing down in recent days. “The Finance Ministry has to increase monitoring due to inefficient revenue administration. We have to be vigilant.”
He also directed Department of Money Laundering Investigation to expedite investigation against property without any income sources.
Though the revenue administration officials get 100 per cent incentives, they have not been perform according to the incentives, finance secretary Shanta Raj Subedi said, asking them to justify their incentives.
The revenue administration has to mobilise Rs 2 billion revenue more than the target, he said, adding that the total has to cross Rs 54 billion.
He also advised revenue administration to start taking action – after January 15 – against those, who have not yet come under the government discount offer.
Director General of Inland Revenue Department Tanka Mani Sharma said that they will act tough after January 15.
Likewise, Revenue Division chief under the Finance Ministry Rajan Khanal, on the occasion, reminded the officials to recover revenue from the state-owned enterprises. “The state-owned facilities have more dues, though a representative of Finance Ministry is in their board,” he informed, asking the Finance Ministry representatives to be serious as it will raise question on ministry’s credibility.

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