The private sector has asked the government to rethink ban on use of polythine bags.
Issuing a press release today, Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) has said that the ban has adversely affected plastic manufacturing factories.
FNCCI said the private sector is aware of environment conservation, and serious about that the problem created by plastic. “However, the problem is management,” it said requesting the concerned stakeholders to rethink the decision as it affects plastic manufacturing factories which are employing thousands of people and invested billions, apart from paying revenue to the government coffer.
Asking the government to provide enough time for factories to find alternative or provide compensation for the loss – incurred by the decision – the umbrella organisation of private sector said that sudden closure of plastic manufacturing factories will create negative impact on economy as a whole.
The government banned use of polythene bags from Nepali New Year (April 14). After the restriction, plastic bag manufacturers in the country have no option than to shut down their factories, said FNCCI.
The federation has also announced a protest rally against the government’s move tomorrow morning.

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