Though there has been some improvement in security situations, it has not yet been able to boost the confidence of the private sector, according to the entrepreneurs.
At the closing session of the three-day workshop on ‘Private sector’s initiatives in local levels to improve the security situation and experiences,’ in the Valley today, National Business Initiative (NBI) chairman Padma Jyoti said that security is a serious issue. “Though the security situation seems to have improved in recent days, there is no option to continue to work together with the local security agencies due to prolonged political transition has still not been able to convince the entrepreneurs. “The security reform programmes – that is in the last leg – have, though, shown positive outcome, it has to be continued for some time.”
Some three dozen entrepreneurs from 10 districts have participated in the three-day workshop that started on Sunday.
NBI general secretary Surendra Bir Malakar, on the occasion, said that the involvement of government, private sector and donors for the public and private sector’s security is a positive sign. “The NBI will actively be involved in sustainable peace, private sector’s development and public security,” he added.

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