Private dairies in Kathmandu are increasing prices of various milk products from today, a month-and-a-half after the Dairy Development Corporation (DDC) increased the price of milk.

Citing increase in milk prices, the private dairies claimed that they had to increase the prices of curd, ghee, paneer and ice cream.

Dairy Development Corporation had hiked the price of milk by Rs 6 per liter to Rs 56 per liter on March 12. Private dairies had also increased the price of milk a day after the corporation’s decision.

“Rise in the price of milk directly impacts other milk products,” according to the private dairies.

Private dairies said after the increase, curd costs between Rs 110 and Rs 120 per liter; ice-cream between Rs 160 and Rs 190 per liter; and paneer will now cost Rs 470 per kilo from earlier Rs 430 per kilo. But the price of ghee, which was revised around two months ago, has been left unchanged. Last time corporation and private dairies had increased the price of ghee per liter to Rs 750.

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