Prime Minister Sushil Koirala directed the secretaries to complete the national Pride Projects on time.

Addressing the evaluation meeting of progress on National Pride Projects, he asked the projects chieves and the secretaries of the concerned ministries to expedite the development works as after the second Constituent Assembly (CA) election, the country is moving towards a stability and creating investment-friendly environment.

He also asked the secretaries to smoothen inter agency coordination and suggest on how to attract more investment in the country. “Lets not get involved in unnecessary disputes among the government agencies,” he said, adding that the water resource is being wasted and the country is reeling under scheduled power cut. “As the energy is priority sector for Nepal, the country should attract investment in energy to reverse the situation.”

Asking the secretaries to expedite the work on Postal Highway and Mid-Hill Highway, the premier urged government officials to take guarantee from the contractors and monitor them to ensure quality of the construction works.

Likewise, Koirala also took stock of Melamchi Water Project and asked to resolve land acquisition problem of Sikta Irrigation Project as soon as possible, take decision on regional airports, and work seriously on saving the Chure hills.

Secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister Krishnahari Baskota, on the occasion briefed the premier of 21 National Pride Projects under six ministries.

The 456 MW Upper Tamakoshi will be completed in two years; fisibility study, detailed project report and bidding document of 600 MW Budhi Gandagi will be completed in a year, and the government should ask Three Gorges of China to start West Seti hydropower soon, Baskota briefed, asking to make resources available for the 1,776-km Mid Hill Highway, 1,798-km Postal Highway, 76.2-km Kathmandu-Tarai Fast-track, 195-km Koshi corridor, 351-km Gandagi corridor, 288-km Karnali corridor, and 1,317.4-km east-west electric railway.

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