The Office of the Prime Minister (PMO) today directed agriculture offices to compensate farmers, if they fail to provide technical assistance to farmers.
Though the secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister Krishnahari Baskota issued a Citizens’ Charter today at the programme in Kathmandu, there is still a doubt that the farmers, who are not getting seeds and fertilizer on time, might get technical advice on time. But Banskota warned the agri officials that they would be penalised, if they fail to act according to the charter. He also asked the officials to examine seeds, and fertilizer before distribution or sale as in the past the farmers have been cheated.
The charter will make the government agencies accountable and responsible, he said, adding that the carrot and stick policy will facilitate the working culture in government offices.
The Charter stated that officials have to pay Rs 1,000 compensation to the service seeker, if they fail to provide services related to fisheries within three days. The charter is applicable to some 105 government agriculture agencies, including Agricultural Department, district offices and Directorate of District Agriculture Offices across the country, apart from five Fisheries Training Centres in Fattepur, Janakpur, Hetaunda, Bhairawa, Dhangadi, and National Plant Quarantine offices in Biratnagar, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Nepalgunj and Sundarpur, Pesticide Management Division, Regional Seed Labs in Jhumka, Hetauda, Nepalgunj, Pokhara and Sundarpur, Soil Management Directorate and Regional Soil labs in Bhaktapur, Janakpur, Hetauda, Bhairawa and Dhangadi.
Agriculture contributes to some one third of the total to the GDP but the government has not been able to provide the farmers improved seeds and fertilizer on time that has taken toll on output. Likewise, most of the farmers do not want to continue with the agriculture also due to government’s discouraging policies which has fuelled imports of agriculture produces at the cost of huge trade deficit.

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