Pharmacists today urged to consume domestic drugs to promote the domestic industry.
Speaking during the three-day Pharma Expo 2014 here in Kathmandu today, they also claimed that domestic drugs are equally competitive in quality and price.
According to the president of Association of Pharmaceutical Producers of Nepal (APPON) Umesh Lal Shrestha, people still prefer imported brands despite the country’s self reliance in drugs.
Organised by the association, the fifth edition of Pharma Expo has been showcasing Indian, Singaporean, and Chinese brands apart from local brands.
The domestic industries have been manufacturing the drugs using the latest technology, he said, adding that the domestic industry is committed to produce quality drugs. “The consumers should also encourage local industries.”
The government needs to check drug imports as it’s not necessary that the imported item has always quality, said, coordinator of the expo Deepak Prashad Dahal.
The local pharmaceuticals fulfill 45 per cent of the market demand currently.
However, the government itself is importing low quality drugs risking the people’s lives.

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