Outsourced workers closed down Unilever’s factory since last two days asking for appointment.

The workers have halted production at one of country’s largest multinational companies with several demands including issuance of appointment letter, a Unilever official said. “They have also been asking for compensation for old and weak, who could not get appointment letters.”

The production facility is facing multiple problems due to the sudden disruption by the workers. It is facing shortage of raw materials, and also space to store finished goods, he said, adding that the factory has reduced production since Tuesday, and has completely halted the production since Friday. “The outsourced workers have been staging the protest since last one week and visiting the factory but not working.”

Though the company is facing a loss of Rs 4.5 million everyday due to closure, it has said that it cannot fulfill the demands of the outsourced workers.
They can demand with their company, where they are employed, but not with us, the official added.

Unilever has asked the government to create conducive environment for smooth operation of the factory. The government has also directed the local administration to resolve the issue and create favourable environment to resume the factory operation.

One of the blue-chip company at the secondary market, Unilever has been employing some 900 individuals directly through its five subsidiaries like Ganga soap, National soap, Omkaar soap and Unique soap.

Established in 1993 as Nepal Lever, it has re-branded itself as Unilever and produces Lux, Lifeboy and Liril soaps, Pepsodent and CloseUp toothpaste and Fair&Lovely fairness cream.

Unilever has recorded a transaction worth Rs 4.72 billion last year and earned Rs 830 million profit after tax. It has listed some 920,700 units of stocks – at the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) – that have been traded at around 10,000 per unit.

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