Vice chair of National Planning Commission (NPC) Rabindra Kumar Shakya has resigned today.

Shakya, who had been appointed by former government led by Khil Raj Regmi, has put in the paper as the new government took charge of the office.

According to the tradition, vice chair is changed as the government changes.

Before leaving the office, Shakya thanked the national think tank staff for their cooperation since his appointment in the office.

Since Sushil Koirala assumed the office of the Prime Minister – who is the chairman of the planning commission – everyone was expecting Shakya will put in paper, according to the tradition. A couple of names are taking rounds also as a possible new vice chair.

Shakya’s resignation – after 11 months – will pave the way for the elected government to appoint a new vice chair. During his tenure, Shakya has almost finalised the 13th five-year plan.

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