Nepal exports over Rs 1 billion merchandise to some eight countries only, whereas it imports over Rs 1 billion from 26 countries.
Nepal exports over Rs 1 billion merchandise to India, USA, Germany, Bangladesh, China PR, UK, France and Turkey, according to the Trade and Export Promotion Centre (TEPC) data.
Among the eight countries, India is the largest importer of Nepal, as it imported Rs 51.78 billion in the last fiscal year 2012-13. Nepal’s total exports in the fiscal year 2012-13 stood at Rs 77.35 billion.
With Rs 5.75 billion import, the USA seconded India to become the second largest export destination for Nepal.
Germany became Nepal’s third largest export destination with Rs 2.76 billion, followed by Bangladesh with Rs 2.73 billion, China PR with Rs 2.17 billion, UK (Rs 1.58 billion), and with Rs 1.05 billion each France and Turkey are the seventh and eighth export destination of Nepal that consumed over Rs 1 billion Nepali merchandise, the data revealed.
India has always been the largest export destination for Nepal as a fiscal year ago in 2011-12 too, Nepal exported Rs 50.93 billion worth merchandise, the TEPC data revealed, adding that in the fiscal year 2010-11, Nepal’s export to India stood at Rs 42.86 billion.
However, Nepal imports Rs 1 billion over merchandises from 26 countries from highest India (Rs 397.95 billion) to lowest Netherlands (Rs 1.26 billion), including China PR, UAE, Indonesia, Thailand, Argentina, Malaysian, ,USA, Japan, Korea, Ukrainian, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Germany, Vietnam, Brazil, Taiwan, Australia, Bangladesh, France, UK, Switzerland, Canada, Russia and Italy.

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