Nepalis consumed around Rs 1.22 million worth sugar and over Rs 100,000 worth salt everyday during the Dashain, Tihar and Chhath festivals, according to the government data.
The Salt Trading sold Rs 77.10 million worth sugar, Rs 6.8 million worth salt and Rs 25 million worth food grains in two months during the Dashain, Tihar and Chhath festivals from its fair price shops from September 17 to November 18, the secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister Krishnahari Baskota said during the evaluation meeting here today.
The government had opened fair price shops to ensure smooth supply during the festivals.
Likewise, Nepal Food Corporation (NFC) sold Rs 35.10 million, Diary Development Corporation (DDC) sold Rs 6.8 million and National Trading Ltd did some Rs 19.26 million worth commodities, according to the preliminary statistics, he said, asking the officials to collect data of annual consumption of daily consumable goods, apart from preparing the ways to effectively monitor the market, tame unnatural price hike, maintain smooth supply of consumer goods, and give continuity to the fair price shops.
He also directed the officials to take strict action against black marketers to ensure the smooth supply of consumer goods.
The Commerce Department has in the last two months monitored the market some 460 times, the department informed in the meeting. But the rare market monitoring has not been able to crack whip on rising inflation nor has it been able to penalise the black-marketeers.

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