Nepali Congress (NC) is going to be the largest party, as it has emerged as the largest party with 105 seats under the 240 First Past The Post seats and also leading in the 335 proportionate representation (PR) seats, in the second Constituent Assembly (CA) election held on November 19.
Under the direct poll system the CPN-UML is following Nepali Congress with 91 seats, whereas UCPN-Maoist, the largest party with 120 seats in direct election system in the previous Constituent Assembly, has been reduced to the third position with 26 seats.
The vote counting for the PR is underway, where Nepali Congress is leading followed by the CPN-UML. Under PR system, the entire country is considered as one election constituency and seats are allocated in proportion to the vote secured by respective political party. The 335 seats will be divided among the 122 competing parties according to the proportion of the total votes they get.
The new 601-member CA has 240 members from direct election, 335 from PR system and 26 will be nominated by the cabinet.
The regional parties Madhesi Peoples Rights Forum-Democratic and Terai Madhes Democratic Party bagged four seats each, reducing from their earlier size. Likewsie, Madhesi Peoples Rights Forum-Nepal bagged two seats and Rastriya Prajatantra Party bagged three seats, while Sadbhawana Party, Terai Madhes Sadbhawana Party and Nepal Peasants and Workers Party got one seat each.
The Madhes-based parties altogether bagged only 12 seats in the direct voting system, unlike earlier.
The second CA is expected to draft the new Constitution that will pave the way for the economic development.

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