Nepal is going to sign labour agreements with major labour destinations  Malaysia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia soon.

According to the Ministry of Labour and Employment, The proposed labour agreement that is planned to be signed within this July end will ensure minimum and timely wage as well as other facilities for Nepali migrant workers in the destination countries.

Though thousands of migrant Nepali workers have been flocking to these destination every month, the country has not inked any accord with them.

Malaysia is the largest recipient of Nepali migrant workers, followed by Qatar and other Gulf countries.

Some 500,000 Nepali migrant workers are working in Malaysia currently.

The migrant workers sent home $1 billion remittance from Malaysia last year alone.
Likewise, the Gulf countries are vulnerable to exploitation and hazardous working condition for the migrant workers forcing the government to enter into a labour pact.

Nepal has inked agreement with South Korea only. The employment permit system (EPS) is considered the best model for the migrant workers.

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