Nepal Standard will certify the cement according to the standard set by the Nepal Bureau of Standard and Meteorology, from now onwards.
The 91st meeting of the Nepal Standard Council today under the chairmanship of trade minister Shankar Prasad Koirala, decided on chemical testing of cement, security of the LPG filling, and reducing lead in enamel paints.
The meeting also asked to prepare procedure for filling of cooking gas cylinder to maintain the exact measurement, apart from the promoting carbon tetrachloride less cooking oil and ghee.
Nepal has to comply with international agreements according to its commitment in global forums and maintain the standard, the meeting concluded, asking Nepal Bureau of Standard and Meteorology to take advice from technical committee to check the health hazardous lead in the enamel paints.
Koirala, on the occasion, asked to take serious note of the issues and take immediate action to save people’s lives. “The industry and consumers both should not be hurt from the government’s decision,” he added.

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