The government has claimed that it is monitoring the sales of duel colour cooking gas cylinder from tomorrow.

The monitoring aims at ensuring the enforcement of dual-coloure LPG cylinders – blue for commercial use and red for domestic use – policy that the government introduced three years ago to subsidise the domestic users and charge the commercial users the market price of the cooking gas.

Currently, the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) is incurring around Rs 864 loss per cylinder cooking gas. The move is also expected to bring NOC losses down and ensure the needed gets the subsidy, though the ministry and NOC both have failed repeatedly to implement it due to resistance from the dealers and commercial users, who are enjoying subsidy and churning profits.

In the first monitoring, the commercial users will be reminded to use blue cylinder, and in the second, they will be fined, said the technically bankrupt corporation that has been plagued by corruption and leakages.

The NOC itself is the whole-seller of the petroleum products and regulator of the business too that is contradictory in itself.

The LPG bottlers have circulated around four million cylinders across the country. Of them, only around 300,000 are blue cylinders, they claim.

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