Nepali delegation is visiting India next week to discuss on transshipment of Nepal-bound cargo from third country.
Recently, during Nepal-India commerce secretary-level Inter-Governmental Committee (IGC) meeting in December, India had agreed to allow customs clearance at the customs points on the border for the Nepal-bound cargo from third country.
All the imports from third countries are required to clear at the Indian customs in Kolkata at present. However, India had agreed to simplify the transhipment process to help smoothen Nepal’s imports. The new move is expected to reduce costs and also shorten the time for Nepali importers as they have been forced to wait in queue at the Kolkata port to clear their cargo through customs. It will increase importers’ competitiveness. Delay in clearance causes them a huge demurrage charge.
The delegation of Commerce Ministry will discuss the modality of clearance of goods at the customs points on the Indian border. The ministry also informed that it has been preparing a format of the modality in consultation with Department of Customs.
India has started implementation of a number of past agreements like upgrading and developing infrastructure at the border customs points to facilitate bilateral trade.

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