Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is planning to develop the first solar power project – of around 20 MW capacity in two phases – with an aim to complete it by 2015 as a trial.
Under the energy diversification plan, the state power monopoly that has failed to introduce effective measures to curb scheduled 12-hour load shedding is looking to promote alternative energy under the financial assistance of World Bank.
The NEA is planning of beginning to tap solar power to utilise natural resources to the maximum also due to changing global scenario in the energy mix, according to NEA managing director Arjun Karki. ” The power utility is planning to develop the projects in segregated manner at several locations.”
NEA so far has been claiming to be focused on developing hydropower projects is in red due to massive corruption and visionlessness. It has not only failed to promote hydropower projects but also failed to address the energy demand that has been rising by around 12 per cent every year.
It is said that some 20,000 sq-meter land is required for setting up one MW solar plant and 400,000 sq-meter land for establishing 20 MW project.
Once the land is identified, the World Bank will carry out feasibility and environmental impact study before asking for an expression of interest for interested contractors to construct the project.
The economy is suffering due to lack of energy to operate industry and losing its youth population as they have been flying to Gulf and Malaysia for employment.
The authority itself constructs, buys and sells and distributes the electricity.

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