The New York Times features Nepal in its list of places to go in 2014.
In the updated list, of 52 places to go published today, Nepal ranks 45.
New peaks open up for alpine adventurers, it wrote, adding that this Himalayan republic is the mother lode of alpinism, home to eight of the World’s 10 highest summits, including Mt Everest. “So when a Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation subcommittee recommended last September that Nepal allow access to 165 new peaks in the Kanchenjunga massif this year — 13 of them above 23,000 feet — the world’s mountaineering community was aflutter.”
Some welcomed the announcement, while others dismissed it, saying the government had stretched the meaning of ‘peak’ in a few cases to include subpeaks within mountains that were already accessible in order to rake in more in fees, it added. “Even so, the proposal was significant since it was the first such release in a decade.”
And though the government scaled back the scope of the original proposal, it did formally open 104 of the new peaks in May, it wrote.
The New York Times featured Cape Town in South Africa.

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