Ncell, one of the leading mobile service providers, has re-launched its campaign ‘Call Ayo Paisa Payo’ that will enable the Ncell users to receive bonus every time they take international calls for more than a minute.
The 90-day campaign effective from November 26 can be participated by all Ncell pre-paid and post paid customers, except except Ncell Connect users, across the country by dialing 17107.
On activation of the service, Ncell customers will start receiving bonus of Re 1 on completion of each minute of taking international calls. “The longer they talk, the more bonuses they will get, and the maximum bonus that they can get from one international call is Rs 10,” a press note of the telecom service provider said, adding that the bonus thus received can be used for making calls to other Ncell users, surfing internet and sending SMS and MMS to other Ncell numbers. “The customers must use this bonus within 5 days of receiving it.”
Earlier, Ncell had launched ‘Call Ayo Paisa Payo’ campaign on July 12-September 30, when it had paid Rs 268 million bonus to the customers.
“This campaign will double the happiness of getting calls from and talking with family and friends living abroad for our valued customers,” said corporate communication director of Ncell Sanju Koirala. “It will enable them to get bonus every time they receive calls from their beloved ones living out of the country.

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