A Nepali Congress minister said that the formation of High Level Political Committee will harm no one, if it will facilitate Constitution writing process rather than obstructing.

The opposition UCPN-Maoist has been pushing the ruling party for the formation of High Level Political Committee, whereas the ruling coalition is opposed to the idea.

Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Management Bimalendra Nidhi today said that there is nothing wrong in setting up High Level Political Committee, as sought by UCPN-Maoist.

Nidhi addressing an interaction on ‘Role of Media in Nation Building’ organised by Press Union, in association with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), here in the valley today said that the political parties should be honest while forming the committee that was agreed in four-point agreement signed by the three major political parties after the second Constituent Assembly election.

Nidhi – also the central committee member of the Nepali Congress –argumented that the formation of such high level committee through consensus would help formulate new constitution within the stipulated time.

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