National Banking Training Institute (NBTI) has started training for Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) and Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) staff.
Though the programme has been planned since one year, the 18-day training for the investigators of the CIB and CIAA has started from yesterday, said chief executive of the NBTI Sanjib Subba.
The training for the judges is also on cards, he said, adding that the banking academy of the country has planned to train all the stakeholders in the society for better and strong financial sector.
It has been holding various training for the banking officials and members of board of directors also to promote good governance, and ethical banking practice in the country.
Due to lack of good governance in some of the banks and financial institutions, the banking sector has been under scanner in the recent years.
The anti-graft body has also started taking interest in the banking sector, though it comes under the jurisdiction of central bank.
The sector’s strength will stabilise not only the financial sector but also promote better investment environment in the country for the economic development.

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