Malaysian is planning to crack down on the illegal migrant workers from next week.
All the security agencies will be mobilised to use force to arrest and repatriate illegal workers from January 21, according to a press release issued by the Embassy of Nepal in Kualalumpur.
The arrested will be fined and allowed to returned to their homeland, the release said, adding that those in the process of returning home country despite being undocumented or those with travel permit document and travel tickets will, however not be arrested.
The Nepali embassy has also requested all the undocumented Nepalis to purchase the ticket as soon as possible and apply for the travel document with immediately. It has also informed that the embassy will remain open even on Sunday to provide necessary documents to the Nepali migrant workers.
Malaysian Home Ministry had issued a notice three months ago that it will take action against the illegal migrant workers after January 21 to discourage overstay of foreign workers.
here are about 700,000 Nepali migrant workers in Malaysia, one of the top destinations for Nepalis. However, of the total, some 35,000 are estimated to be undocumented.

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